Mr. Charchian did a really good job with my auto accident case. He was professional and resourceful throughout the entire time we worked together. He was always available to take my calls and always kept me up to date with the latest details about my case. He was not like the other attorneys who I spoke to about my accident, who were clearly only interested in the money they would receive from me. I was still pretty shaken up after the accident when I went to his Glendale office, but from the moment we met I knew that I was in good hands and that this was the attorney who would help get me the compensation that I deserved. Mr. Charchian explained every step to me along the way, from helping me to fill out paperwork correctly, to telling me how he was handling the insurance company to get me as much money as possible. A big thank you to Mr. Charchian and everyone at his offices! I would hire him again and I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking legal representation in the Los Angeles area.

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