Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“…hiring Mr. Charchian
was the best thing I did.”

– L.M. (Consulting)

I always wanted to start a non-profit so that I can help create interest in the arts. I had asked people who worked with or for non-profits if they could help me get started or point me in the right direction. I got some information piece-meal, but some of it turned out to be incorrect. My dream was in trouble. Then, I went to a charity event and the host was Attorney Arthur S. Charchian. I realized I needed someone with experience to guide me through the non-profit world. Although I never thought I needed an attorney, hiring Mr. Charchian was the best thing I did. Mr. Charchian formed the correct corporation for me, had my tax papers corrected, and gave me guidance on how to run the non-profit. All this at non-profit friendly rates.

“I got much more money
than I ever expected”

– D.S. (Personal Injury)

I was involved in a automobile v. pedestrian accident, by the grace of God, I was not killed and did not have any broken bones, but I was bruised badly and missed tons of work. In a wheel chair and unable to walk because of the bruising, I was told by the insurance company that my injuries seemed “minor”. That is when I realized I was in for a fight. I tried to find an attorney that would protect my rights and put my needs first. A friend referred me to “her attorney” Arthur S. Charchian. He did an outstanding job for me and I got much more money than I ever expected. Now, I consider him “my attorney” and I am the one referring my friends to him.

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